Ambode leads campaign against sexual harassment

Lagos State governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, on Thursday, led an all-male match against sexual and gender-based violence in the state, calling on security agencies to come with evidences against at least 11 highly-placed individuals in the state to be used as scapegoats to curb the menace.

Ambode had earlier received those that participated in the match at the Lagos House, Ikeja, before leading them in a procession within the State House.

They all brandished placards such as, “LAS GIDI Men say no to abuse, violence against women,” “Women are not object, respect and treat them right,” “Stop rape and abuse,” among others.

Governor Ambode said using highly-placed individuals perpetrating the act as scapegoats would act as deterrence to others.

According to Ambode, “It is time we take the ‘bull by the horn’ in tackling this menace of sexual and gender-based violence in our society,” saying, “research and countless reports have indicated clearly that women are significantly more prone to being victims of these crimes.”

“There is also an evident trend of suppressing the voice of these victims due to the fact that these acts are perpetrated largely by men.

“We should not take for granted the potential exponential effect of having emotionally and psychologically damaged women in a society as the effect could transcend to their children who grow up in an environment, thinking this is the norm.

“Whilst several programmes, ranging from the provision of legal aid to shelter and psychological counseling services, have been designed to assist these women, the state government has realised that while these are essential to eradicate sexual and gender-based violence, we must address the violent behaviour of men when it comes to rape, domestic violence and child abuse,” Governor Ambode added.