Ambassadorial nominees can’t recite National Anthem •One says Lagos is capital of Lagos State

SOME ambassadorial nominees who faced Senate screening on Tuesday provided unusual drama at the screening venue, as they failed to correctly recite the National Anthem and the Pledge.

The nominee from Anambra State, Vivian Okeke, was to first to miss the recitation as she missed substantial part of the second stanza of the anthem when she said: “to serve with heart and might, one nation bound in freedom” and ended with “Peace and Unity.”

The nominee from Niger State, Ibrahim Isa, also failed to correctly recite the National Pledge. He said: “to defend her unity and integrity. So help me God,” instead of “to defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory. So help me God.”

Also, when Isa was asked to recite the National Pledge, he also mixed it up.

A member of the committee, Senator James Manager corrected the nominees.

Another nominees, Jane Ndem from Benue State, also shocked the committee by stating that Lagos was the capital of Lagos State when asked to name 12 states and their capital.

The nominee simply said Lagos was the capital city of Lagos State and insisted on knowing what she was saying.

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Senator Monsurat Sunmonu, had asked her to name 12 out of the nation’s 36 states.

When she replied Lagos, members of the committee were shocked and Senator Manager even attempted to assist her.

The nominee responded confidently, saying “yes, capital of Lagos State is Lagos, because I even started my working career there.”

Isa, currently serving in Turkey, not only failed to recite the National anthem, but also started stammering at a stage.

He, however displayed his knowledge of foreign relations when he spoke on how China got its economic prosperity right.

He said the leaders of China shut its doors against imports from other nations and was busy rebuilding China through domestic policy approach.

He also stated that if Nigeria could configure its foreign policies with the intention of benefiting from resources abroad, it would help the situation immensely.