Alternative Medicine: Practitioner warns against self-medication

A medical practitioner, Dr Fawziyyah Ahmed, on Thursday warned against arbitrary use of traditional medicine as it could pose dire consequences to health.

Ahmed gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kano in view of the rampant cases of drug reactions to unprescribed traditional medicines.

“We have a lot of malaria and typhoid cases and people have resorted to taking traditional medicine for the cure, especially due to its cost implications.

“This act has triggered hazardous reactions that are manifested in many ways.

“The traditional doctors themselves, hardly even give their medicine without advising on how it should be taken, and as such, people should not engage in self-medication,’’ she said.

Ahmed said that based on clinical observations, people just hear about plants and other mixtures and they start taking them for the treatment of some ailments, after which, they would start having reactions.

She therefore called on people who believed in alternative medicine, to make proper consultations before using any of such medication, to avoid dangers that such acts posed.