Akinboboye floats $10bn bailout tourism revenue drive for Nigeria

•Inaugurates Children and Friends of Nigeria in Diaspora package

The driver of Motherland Beckons, a back to the root agenda for Africans in Diaspora, Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye has  designed and developed  a multi-   billion dollar bailout tourism drive revenue for the nation.

Ambassador Akinboboye who has just signed an MOU with MUSIAD of Turkey in Konya, Meran on intercontinental multipurpose business relationship has designed a platform of cultivating over 10 billion dollars annual revenue from tourism to the coffers of the nation.

Capitalising on experience and opportunities of the pull and push factors of Motherland Beckons, Ambassador Akinboboye designed the ‘The Children and Friends of Nigeria:  Salvaging Nigeria’s Economy through Tourism “a package aimed at facilitating a mass business cultural-tourism leisure migration from Europe to Nigeria

According to Ambassador Akinboboye “The template of the mass business tourism for economic rejuvenation of Nigeria is honed on the statistics of the 17 million Nigerians in Diaspora and over 985  thousand Motherland Beckoners worldwide who have to be enlightened about how the tourism  beauty  and potentialities in Nigeria could be of interest to their personal influence”

He revealed that the template was not a rocket science but “a pragmatic business economic strategy leveraging on the aura of Motherland Beckons, the authenticity of the African natural business tourism environment and the inherent cultural affiliation of the Nigerians in Diaspora who are to be incensed by the need to shore up the economy of their mother’s land not by donation or fund raising but by investing in themselves and on themselves in Nigeria for the sake of Nigeria”

Ambassador Akinboboye unveiled the strategy “This package is geared towards Nigerians in the Diaspora, who are well over 17 million according to the Nigeria in Diaspora organisation, NIDO, database, and their friends and acquaintances who love Nigeria. These set of people are being beckoned to come visit Nigeria for two major programmes which will be chaperoned by Motherland Beckons via Leisure Tourism and Business Tourism.”

He explained that ‘the Leisure tourism programme  is of two brands, which will entail two million out of the 17 million Nigerians  in Diaspora paying 1000 dollars for a four-day tourism package in Nigeria of tourism sites of their dreams via religious, cultural, heritage and eco-tourism  while the second brand is of the five million  of Nigerian descent who are in Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago and those whose DNA have located them to Nigeria. The seven million will pay only 1000 dollars for a trip to Nigeria and for a 4–day memorial tour of their motherland. The direct revenue to be generated which will be front loaded ex–flight expenses to Nigeria in a year is seven billion dollars. This will be in exclusion of the private pocket money meant for souvenirs, drugs, social activities and other incidentals.”

Ambassador Akinboboye disclosed that the second leg of the Children and Friends of Nigeria package is for Business tourism “this is a business brand aimed at networking another two million  Nigerians in Diaspora and their friends with investment and investible opportunities and openings with only 10 000 dollars in Nigeria. Motherland Beckons will be the guarantor and the platform of coordination for the investor, investments and their interest.”

He disclosed that Motherland Beckons has earned the global confidence of Africans in Diaspora when it convoked the convergence of World Conference of Mayors in Lagos  when Marlon Jackson and other Africans in Diaspora  visited Gberefu Port in Badagry which is the Point of No Return for the Nigerians  sold into slavery in those years.

Ambassador Akinboboye revealed “The packaging of Children of Nigeria and their Friends is one of the outcomes of that singular event when Marlon Jackson and others mayors of the world proclaimed the Point of No return as their Point of Reconnection ad Home Coming.”

He declared “This package has got a global acceptance, approval, embrace and acknowledgement by the World Mayors, the Global  Council of Motherland Beckons  and lately by  the  MUSIAD of Turkey which has 50 00 members , 11 000 companies and in 175 locations all over the world.”

Ambassador Akinboboye further explained The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi who is the Grand patron of Motherland Beckons is spreading his royal banner at ensuring the mass mobilisation of Children of Nigeria and their Friends at injecting just a thousand dollar on themselves to shore up the economy  of Nigeria.”

He pointed out “All we need is classical sensitisation of this project which is currently receiving positive nods and acclamation from Children of Nigeria and their friends. It is a potent strategy, well defined, honed and conceived from the tourism sector to bail out Nigeria from recession.”