Agony of Kogi civil servants

KOGI State civil servants are passing through the most trying period in their lives due to the non-payment of their salaries. Before the last administration left, the workers were owed three months salary arrears. However, when the government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello came on board, it promised to tackle the issue of ghost workers who have been feasting on the state’s finances. The workers cooperated with the governor and were going for the screening exercise until they had a misunderstanding with the committee. Consequently, this led to a labour dispute with the state government. Today, civil servants are not having it easy, especially with a situation whereby they get alerts of payment, but they actually don’t find anything in their accounts.

Another painful part is that civil servants, particularly teachers, are made to accept just 60 per cent of their full salaries. This is not good enough and I hope that Alhaji Bello can find a lasting solution to these problems facing civil servants in the state.

  • Bala Nayashi,