Agbalajobi lauds Buhari over Abuja–Ekiti–Lagos rail project

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State, Otunba Segun Agbalajobi, has lauded the decision of President Mohammed Buhari to include Ekiti State in the station routes of Abuja–Lagos railway project.

Agbalajobi described the decision as “a monumental gesture and favour which all Ekiti sons and daughters will be eternally grateful to President Buhari now and ever.”

Agbalajobi, who made this disclosure at a press conference in Lagos, said “I feel great and happy today to publicly acknowledge the singular deed of President Muhammed Buhari who deliberately and significantly included Ekiti State in the rail route of the proposed Abuja–Lagos rail project.”

He disclosed that “I am addressing a press conference on this not just for attention seeking but to express my deepest understanding of the import of what could have been the loss to Ekiti if the state has not been included in the project. Thus, for President Buhari to have thought it wise despite the fact that Ekiti was not included at the initial design of the project is a monumental favour and gesture which every Ekiti indigene must be grateful to the president.”

He said “the decision of President Buhari is frontally insightful and utmost exhibition of genuine desire for the overall development of Nigeria. It is a decision by a president who comprehends the agricultural potentialities of Ekiti and the usefulness of a railway passing through the state.”

He called on the people of the state to show gratitude to the president not only by supporting his policies but offer him prayers.

He appealed to President Buhari not to be “distracted with the cacophonies of unwarranted criticism which are being hurled against some of his polices which aimed at uprooting the bastion of corruption in Nigeria.”

Agbalajobi added that “the president is on the right path and should remain focussed and unperturbed at his drive against corruption. What we are witnessing is the fact that corruption is trying to fight back which should not be. He has laid his hand on the wheel, he must not look back until the fight against corruption is won and corruption buried in Nigeria.”