Aftermath of US election: No-fly zone imposed over Trump Tower

A no-fly zone has been imposed over Donald Trump’s lavish home and workplace, Trump Tower, on Fifth Avenue in New York. The 58-story building, which was the setting of television show The Apprentice, is not only the billionaire’s main residence but also a massive tourist hotspot.

The 2-nautical mile radius no-fly zone will be in play until Trump’s inauguration on Friday 20 January, 2017, when he will move into the White House. On the ground, police officers have helped to install concrete barriers around the Tower. Earlier this week a row of sanitation trucks filled with sand acted as barricades. People who work and live inside the lavish building will now be vetted by the Secret Service. Sources said one lane of traffic that passes the Tower is expected to remain closed to prevent car bomb attacks.

Outside Trump Tower on Thursday, protesters gathered with signs reading ‘Dump Trump’.

Police said they had arrested 15 people.