Actress Adedayo Ayoade set to launch new movie

Yoruba actress, Adedayo Ayoade,  has hinted that she has rolled out plans to launch her new movie in December.

In a brief interactive session with R on Wednesday, Ayoade who is fast becoming a popular name in the movie industry, said that her movie career would take a new dimension when her new movie, Obikan (single parent), is finally released.

According to Ayoade, the movie,  which would dwell on the challenges single parents face, featured actors and actresses in the Yoruba speaking movie.

“I am very happy about the way things have turned out. At first, I thought it would be difficult to shoot a movie let alone launch it, but the response I have been receiving in the last few weeks have helped me to believe more in myself,” she said.

She added that the movie, which is due to be released two weeks after its launching, would address some of the ills in the homes of many young people who are constantly worried about how to handle their homes when they get married.

“It is a complete movie that preaches patience, love, respect and understanding among couples. This movie will change the game for me and I am very happy that my colleagues supported me on this project,” she said.