Actress abandons Nollywood, turns to ‘gospel music’

It seems the problems facing the movie industry in the country are not ready to go soon as many of the practitioners are lamenting over hard times they are facing while marketers are said to have reduced the number of movies they release into the market. With this, actors and actresses no longer get good pay.

In fact, many of the practitioners are facing the reality and are moving into other vocations with some of them even selling their property in order to live while some others have resorted to ‘corporate begging’  for survival.

This very popular actress is no exception. Things have become so hard that she has decided to abandon acting and has delved into the world of ‘gospel music,’ thinking that at least, many people listen to that type of music.

The actress, who has a surname that is the same with the name of the father of Jesus Christ, is very notorious for wearing clothes that reveal her chest region and many Olofofos are wondering how she will convince people to buy her ‘gospel album’ as they said she was also a lady who spent too much of her time clubbing.

Even some of the Olofofos said she recently released a ‘gospel album’ into the market and as of now, the album can be regarded as a musical suicide as it failed woefully to get anybody’s attention.