Anambra ex-presidential aspirant lambasts Igbo in Buhari’s cabinet, NASS

IT was revealed  that Igbos in President Mohammadu Buhari’s cabinet and those in the National Assembly are not genuine Igbo representatives, having allegedly got there through the back door.

Making this disclosure in Ogidi, near Onitsha, Anambra State, a one-time presidential aspirant, under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Reverend Emmanuel Obianagha, said that “by their actions and attitude, you shall know them as those who don’t think in the interest of those  they claim they represent.”

According to him, “their stay there worsens not only Mr president’s regime, but also the living condition of the people they pretend to represent”.

Hear him, “most Igbos in Buhari’s cabinet, National Assembly, including most of our governors, were not elected by the majority of the electorate . They are not interested in our affairs and you will not blame them because they were not the candidates we voted for”.

“If they are actually the genuine Igbo representatives, this agitation by MASSOB, IPOB and others would have been curtailed, but because they are fake, they left the youths to go and die for what they do not know”.

Look at the Onitsha-Awka Expressway, I don’t want to say Onitsha-Enugu Expressway, what have the people representing us done. We don’t know most of them and for the past two years, they have not come home let alone providing dividend of democracy for the people.”

Obianagha stated further:  “They are never politicians and to buttress my point, I am set to take them on media debate because if they are genuine, our problems would have been curtailed”.

On Governor Willie Obiano, he hinted that “he is doing well on the pages of newspaper and electronic media which are sponsored programmes by those that surround him”.

“We are dying in Anambra, the 21 local government areas are non existent, let them show me one thing they have done in the past four years.