50 firefighters tackle huge fire at block of flats in south London

A fire in a second floor flat has set balconies above it alight as 50 firefighters try to bring the blaze under control.

The fire in Garland house in Brixton Hill, south London, broke out around 6.45 p.m., Mail Online reported.

Flames could be seen spewing out of the second floor flat of the seven storey new build block causing four balconies above it to catch alight.


There are no reports of any casualties at this stage.

London Fire Brigade tweeted: “10 fire engines & (sic) over 50 firefighters are tackling a flat blaze on Hicken Road in Brixton.”

No-one was hurt after a fire broke out a block of new flats in south London.

London Fire Brigade tweeted “Fire in Brixton block of flats is now under control. No reports of any injuries.”

Kathryn Jeffery, 30, told the London Evening Standard: ‘I heard this bang and looked round and there was smoke pouring out of a first floor flat, and flames as well.

“There were no fire engines around, I was looking in my phone for my bag to call the fire brigade, but another girl had her phone in her hand and she called them.

“We’d just seen it explode, it must have been going for a while to build up that heat, I think we heard the window exploding.”