Over 3000 women abducted by Boko Haram within 7 years—Borno commissioner

Commissioner for Justice, Borno State, Kaka Shehu, has regretted that over three thousand women were abducted by the Boko Haram insurgents from Borno State since 2009.

Speaking exclusively with the Nigerian Tribune, the Attorney-General regretted that lots of atrocities were committed on women before and after the abduction of the former students of Government Girls College, Chibok.

He said that it was the circumstances that surrounded the way the ladies were abducted in Borno which was so pathetic that made their case to attract so much attention from national and international communities.

For the other women forcefully seized from their homes in villages and harmlets, it was a case of extreme helplessness which made some to even tug along with sucking babies to become sex slaves for the sexmaniacs inside the Sambisa.

“Before the release of the 21 Chibok girls, many of them had been retrieved by vigilante, JTF, villagers and armed forces and local hunters and they formed the first batch of kids government had to take care of by moving them into two schools in Kaduna and around.

“It is unfortunate for somebody to say it was not true. This is not the first time any Chibok girl has been rescued as lots of them had been rescued before now. It is sad that students had to be taken in such a terrible manner.

“We have seen and heard a lot of rubbish while the state was seen as an opposition one in another party. People made a lot of wrong statements and that was very unfortunate. Such careless people should come down to Maiduguri to acquaint themselves with the reality. These kids were really kidnapped and nobody can say it was a hoarse.

“As the President noted, I believe that the days of woes are over just like the President said recently, no condition is permanent.  They should settle down and get to their studies and move on in life to the next level.”

On the 21 girls released, the Attorney-General went on “I was really excited about the release and out of curiosity and the way we were treated here by the former Commander-in-Chief, I decided to call some sources to be sure that we have good news to thank God for. It was wonderful my brother”

On the take-over of the 21  girls by the Federal Government, he said that the state and Federal Government were supposed to work together so that there is no hard feeling that the girls had been taken over by the Federal Government that had more resources to handle them.

“We are really grateful to the commander-in-chief for intervening. So many things happened during those dark days. Imagine our own kinsmen had to tell the government that it was not true that the abduction took place just to give this government a bad name”, he said.