2016 LAGOS INTERNATIONAL TRADE FAIR: Participants commend organisers on security, others, as 2016 Fair ends

Participants at the just-concluded Trade Fair have given Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), organisers of the Fair a pass mark, for providing adequate security and other facilities that enhanced the  quality of this year’s edition of the Fair.

A cross section of participants who spoke with Nigerian Tribune on Sunday, noted that the provision of adequate security both at the entry points and within the Trade Fair complex, the provision of adequate toilet facilities and the relocation of the Fair’s auditorium to a more convenient place within the complex, were some of those factors that made this year’s edition of the Fair a success.

“The fact that the organisers never left anything to chance remains a major source of delight for me, this year. The fact that there is some level of security on ground, gave me and, I think, other people too, the confidence to attend today’s Fair.  I couldn’t have risked my life and those of my family members here, if such security had not been provided. It’s a good one, but I believe there is always room for improvement,” Gbadebo Alabi, a banker, who was at the Fair, with some members of his family, told Nigerian Tribune.

The major delight for Amaka, one of the exhibitors at the fair, is the quality of the toilet facilities provided at the fair.

“The facilities are quite cleaner, this time around and more accessible. It really enhanced the quality of the Fair this year,” she stated.

The quality and quantity of wares displayed at the fair, no doubt, constituted major incentives to those from the academia too.

In her interactions with the Nigerian Tribune on the essence of her school’s  visit to the fair, Mary Agholor,  the School Nurse of D-Ivy College, believed the Fair had further deepened the knowledge of her students on a variety of subjects.

“Our visit to some stands here has provided us more insights into some of those things that these students learn in school.

“For instance, it was a wonderful experience at the laboratory equipment stand, where our students, especially the science ones, were able to see some of these modern equipment, and also had the opportunity of being given some lessons on how to use those equipment by the manufacturers.

“Even those in the Art class have been able to enrich their knowledge too. The experience has been wonderful,” stated Agholor.

“For me, it is the beautiful ambience of this year Fair’s Focus Centre that thrills me. It is much more conducive than what obtained in the past,” observed Sylvanus Elijah, a media practitioner.

Elijah noted that, unlike in the past when participants were almost experiencing suffocation at the make-shift Focus Centre provided for brands and organisations that came to have their special days, this year’s venue really provided participants at the Focus Centre value for their money.