20 top beauty hacks

Unknown to many ladies, there are many other ways to apply makeup products for better results. These hacks are not restricted to the beauty world alone as they are also available for fashion.

Below are a few tips to achieve that flawless look:

  • For winged eyeliner, balance a complimentary or credit card at the base of the liner. This will even out the look, while ensuring that the lines create the perfect cat eye look.
  • For that unfortunate incident of acquiring a foundation that is darker than your skin colour, lighten it with a moisturiser.
  • For the two-in-one effect, line your eyelash curler first before curling the eyelashes. That way, you can get the perfect lash curl and liner, in one application.
  • For fuller lip colour, apply, using a lip pencil to the centre of the lips before evening out the application with lipstick.
  • For long-lasting lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips after applications and apply translucent powder. To make it last all day, hold a tissue paper over your lips and dust translucent powder over it.
  • To fix a broken lipstick in a tube, use a lighter to heat the broken top for a few seconds, then place in the cool part of the fridge. You should have your whole lipstick back to normal in 30 minutes or less. It is important to monitor the cooling process so the lipstick doesn’t become too hard.
  • Use coconut oil as a replacement for makeup remover if you happen to run out of the latter. The plus side to using coconut oil is that it is natural and offers many benefits for the skin.
  • If your armpits refuse to cooperate with deodorant, affix a panty liner to the arm hole of your shirt to soak up the extra heat. You can also stick a panty liner on the soles of your shoes to absorb heat and prevent smell.
  • For underwires of bras, if you feel the need to retain the wires, even when they start to poke you, apply a plaster or paper cellotape to cushion the effect.
  • To manage your closet, use hangers to see which items you never wear by hanging everything.
  • To absorb shoe smell, place tea bags in them overnight.
  • For quicker ironing of shirt collars, use a hair straightener in place of an iron.
  • To remove bubble gum from clothes, apply ice.
  • For strapless bra on the go, simply pass the straps under the boobs through the back, and clip into place. This will ensure your bra has extra hold.
  • Brighten up your old shoes by adding glitter. This will make them look as good as new.
  • To keep bra straps from falling out of place, sew in the straps into the sleeves of the cloth. For racerback tops and dresses (these are clothes that expose parts of the shoulders and back), hold the bra straps together with a paper clip or bra clip.
  • For emergency response to keeping your button in place, apply clear nail polish to the button.
  • If you run out of eyeliner, your mascara would work just fine. Swipe your liner brush on your mascara wand and use it to line your upper lashes.
  • To prevent your trousers’ zip from running down, attach a key ring to the zip and hook same to the centre button.
  • To remove lint, cotton fibres or fluff from clothes, use a cellotape or shaving stick to get them out. Follow the process of waxing hair off the skin.